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The “LOVE” EMAILS Between CDC’s Diana Schendel and Autism Researcher Poul Thorsen

By the World Mercury Project Team The Love Birds: Poul Thorsen, CDC Grantee, Autism Author and Researcher Diana Schendel, CDC Epidemiologist, Research Health Scientist, CDC, National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (and supervisor to Poul Thorsen) World Mercury Project (WMP) has reported that Centers for Disease Conrol (CDC) autism research scientist turned whistleblower, […]

Poul Thorsen Exhibits 12-23: Thorsen’s Research with the CDC/Lack of IRB Approvals

Besearch had Prosecut01.’8 in the United States are seeking to extradite a Danish scientist researching the relationship between autism and vaccines, who, they allege, stole more than US$1 million in research funding. Poul Thorsen was a visiting scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta in the 1990s. US prosecutors say […]

Poul Thorsen Exhibits 24-34: Internal CDC E-mails/The Fraud is Discovered/Thorsen Resigns

Meeting and conference call notes and other documents. Various emails between Diana Schendel (CDC), Joanne Wojcik (CDC), Coleen Boyle (CDC), Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp (CDC), Lisa T. Garbarino (CDC), Nosrat lrannejad (CDC), Anne Christiansen (Danish Agency for Science), Technology and Innovation), Sonja Rasmussen (CDC), William A. Paradies (CDC), Margaret Honein (CDC), Adolfo Correa (CDC) and Randolph B. […]

Poul Thorsen Exhibit – Evidence of Misconduct in Danish-CDC Collaboration (Mismanagement & Intentional Collusion by CDC Staff with Principal Investigator Poul Thorsen)

An easy-to-follow overview by Beth Clay for World Mercury Project that puts some of the emails in context with a timeline of events.