The information pushers of the status quo – be it the mainstream media, government officials, pharmaceutical companies, or Astroturf bloggers – would have us believe that all vaccines are safe. They attempt to vilify those who simply question the efficacy and safety of the policy “all vaccines for all children.”

These status quo pushers have money interests in keeping all as it is now. Those that question toxic vaccine ingredients and conflicts of interests have nothing to gain, except vaccine safety for our children… everyone’s children. Most questioning “all vaccines for all children” are parents who, acting on the blind faith that their government and pharmaceutical companies would never do anything to injure their child, held their infants down and complied with vaccine policies they believed were intended to keep their children healthy. Nothing further could be from the truth.

The critiques below provide you with the counter view backed up by facts that the status quo doesn’t want you to know.

Policy Prescriptions: The firepower of the EU Pharmaceutical Lobby and Implications for Public Health

This report exposes the excessive lobbying influence of the pharmaceutical industry on EU decision-making. Big pharma enjoys semi-systematic privileged access to decision-making in Brussels, facilitated by its vast lobby expenditure, complex web of actors, extensive meetings with policy-makers, and participation in advisory groups.

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