February 07, 2017
Thimerosol is a Developmental Neurotoxicant
February 07, 2017
A Case-Control Study of Mercury Burden in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders
February 07, 2017
Mercury, Lead, and Zinc in Baby Teeth of Children with Autism Versus Control
February 07, 2017
Related Studies that link Mercury to Autism
February 07, 2017
Autism: A Unique Type of Mercury Poisoning
January 01, 2017
Comparison of Blood and Brain Mercury Levels in Infant Monkeys Exposed to Methylmercury or Vaccines Containing Thimerosal
December 20, 2016
Treatment Options for Mercury/Metal Toxicity in Autism and Related Developmental Disabilities: Consensus Position Paper
October 07, 2016
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