Treatment Options for Mercury-Metal Toxicity in Autism & Related Developmental Disabilities

In recent years there has been a great deal of controversy regarding the possible role of mercury as a causal agent in the current worldwide epidemic of autism. While the scientific and legal issues will not be settled for some time, there are many autistic children who need help now.

The Autism Research Institute has been evaluating various biomedical treatments of autism since 1967. One approach has been simply to have parents rate the effectiveness of each of the biomedical treatments they have tried. Over 23,000 parents have responded to our questionnaires. Of the 77 biomedical interventions rated for efficacy by parents (see, select Parent Ratings of Treatments), mercury detoxification received a far higher rating than any drug, supplement, or special diet. Mercury detoxification was rated helpful by 73% of parents, with the gluten/casein free diet coming in second with 63%. A remarkable and encouraging finding that must not be ignored!

The Autism Research Institute convened our first mercury detoxification Think-Tank in February 2001, in Dallas Texas, in response to the need for information on how best to treat mercury toxicity. The resulting Consensus Report published in May, 2001, has been widely distributed in hard copy and on the Autism Research Institute website. A second mercury detoxification Think-Tank was held in Los Angeles in September 2004 to consider recent advances in detoxification technology. This report presents the findings of that Think-Tank.

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